Travis Russell, CFP

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Location: McLean, VA
Founded: 2009
Specialty: Investment and wealth management

Travis Russell, CFP
Client Advisor and Director of Advanced Strategies

Glassman Wealth Services, LLC

Glassman Wealth Services, LLC is a fee-only investment and wealth management firm. The firm holds over $800 million in assets under management, but limits the number of clients it serves to remain available and responsive to client needs. Travis Russell, client advisor and director of advanced strategies, advises high-net-worth professionals, including attorneys, physicians and executives. He works closely with these clients to accomplish their retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning priorities. While the world of finance may be increasingly complex, Russell takes the time to keep clients informed so they understand all their options.

QUICK TIP: “[It is highly important to build] relationships with all the family members of clients, especially … when parents start to transfer their wealth to their children.”

Russell’s efforts contributed to Glassman receiving the Schwab Pacesetter Award in 2012. Outside the office, Russell supports and contributes to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Travis Roy Foundation. He is an active participant in the Community Foundation of Northern Virginia’s Futures Fund and supports Chef Night, an annual fundraiser sponsored by Glassman Wealth Services to benefit research for a cure for brain tumors.