Lawrence P. Fisher II

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 1999
Specialty: Family office advisory

Lawrence P. Fisher II
President of Family Wealth Services

Chevy Chase Trust

The Chevy Chase Trust is an independent, privately owned and financially secure wealth management firm. It is primarily focused on the ultra-high-net-worth market, which includes single family offices, individuals and affiliated organizations that have significant wealth management needs. Lawrence P. Fisher II, president of family wealth services, specializes in family office advisory. Fisher’s contribution to Chevy Chase Trust’s growth can be seen in the fact that the company maintains the industry’s strongest record of client retention. Chevy Chase Trust also benefits from Fisher’s keen eye for making valuable business connections.

QUICK TIP: “The definition of success is not only [determined] by what the company internally accomplishes, but how it affects the external constituencies.”

Fisher serves as a leader for his team, but also works with his colleagues to find appropriate and personalized solutions for clients. He helps ensure that the Chevy Chase Trust team consistently executes in a thoughtful manner that places great attention on getting the details right. This allows the firm to provide clients with top-notch financial, estate, fiduciary and tax-planning services. Fisher pushes his team to deliver the highest level of work, knowing that a thorough comprehension
of each client’s unique goals is key.