John J. Yetman, CIMA

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 1935
Specialty: Wealth management, corporate services and financial planning

John J. Yetman, CIMA
SVP and Senior Portfolio Manager

The Capitol Bay Group at Ameriprise

The Capitol Bay Group at Ameriprise provides advanced financial planning, wealth management and corporate services. The firm works jointly with clients and their advisors to craft a comprehensive plan of action encompassing financial, tax, estate, investment, cash flow, retirement and succession planning. The group takes on clients in such sectors as government contracting, technology, manufacturing and financial. John J. Yetman, SVP and senior portfolio manager, bases his clients’ plans on the business value gap and the personal value gap; a measurement by which he identifies the cause of the financial gap and determines the remedy.

QUICK TIP: “Leverage the firm to help others make a substantial impact and give back to society.”

Yetman has brought clients on an annual client appreciation trip to Barboursville Vineyards for more than 10 years, and the wall outside his office is decorated with postcards from clients. These postcards serve as a reminder of the reason Yetman and his team work so hard. For him, client relationships are the most important aspect of work. “Almost everyone that we work with wants to move from success to significance at some point in their lives. I feel that way personally and through my work at Ameriprise,” says Yetman.