Eugene A. Profit

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 1996
Specialty: U.S. equity investment management

Eugene A. Profit

Profit Investment Management

Profit Investment Management is an asset manager serving institutional and retail clients. CEO Eugene A. Profit’s industry focus is managing portfolios for the U.S. equity market. His reputation of being accessible to customers has helped the company acquire new clients and retain existing ones. Profit has demonstrated creative techniques for gaining new business by tapping non-traditional channels, such as former NFL players. He has found success in this area by using his contacts as a former NFL player for the New England Patriots and Washington Redskins to pursue new business opportunities.

QUICK TIP: “If you have the exposure to see what’s out there, that will enable you to do more with your life.”

Profit works to ensure that others are afforded the same opportunities he was given, financially supporting charitable endeavors and hosting an annual golf tournament to raise money for children’s charities. The Profit Charitable Foundation golf tournament has raised close to $300,000. Profit himself donated $200,000 to establish the Profit Charitable Foundation and support educational opportunities, cultural appreciation and practical experiences. Profit has also given educational seminars to young people about investing, and has given his Redskins suite tickets to area youth who have done well in school.