Walker and Dunlop, LLC

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Location: Bethesda, MD
Founded: 1937
Industry: Financial real estate

300-999 Employees

Walker and Dunlop, LLC

Willy Walker
Chairman and CEO

Walker and Dunlop, LLC believes that a healthy employee — both physically and emotionally — is a productive employee. “Team members who exercise regularly and take their wellness seriously are able to focus on their personal priorities and are a greater asset to the company,” says chairman and CEO Willy Walker. The Walker and Dunlop office in Bethesda offers countless amenities for the fitness addict, including stretching bands, core exercise equipment and balance balls.

Fun Fact Willy Walker leads the company’s wellness movement by running with employees at lunch and organizing running groups after work.

Employees can access interactive wellness tools and challenges through Propel, an online wellness portal. Over $400 in prizes are awarded per quarter to the winners of wellness challenges. Walker and Dunlop offers discounted membership rates at various gyms and employees receive wellness subsidies for recording healthy activities. An employee who logs 15 or more activities per month for six consecutive months is eligible to receive a Fitbit Flex band, Jawbone UP band or Garmin Forerunner watch.

Walker and Dunlop offers flexibility in the workday, allowing employees to arrive late or leave early to schedule workouts. The company also participates in a variety of wellness observances each year, such as Bike to Work Week, World Health Day and National Employee Health and Fitness Month.