Rosner Automotive Group

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Location: Fredericksburg, VA
Founded: 1979
Industry: Automotive

300-999 Employees

Rosner Automotive Group

Tracy Storm
HR Manager

Rosner Automotive Group is one of the few automotive companies with a successful wellness program. Tracy Storm, HR manager, says the goal of the wellness program was to create an environment where employees learn about health and can be proactive about improving and maintaining wellness in their everyday lives. “Our wellness program provides the company with strategic advantages by investing money in a program that will hopefully bring us lowered expenses in return, often in the form of better-performing workers and lower absenteeism and healthcare costs,” Storm says.

Fun Fact One employee lost 76 pounds in the company’s Choose to Move campaign. He has kept the weight off for two years and continues to stay healthy.

Rosner Automotive Group’s program provides many tools to employees, such as onsite biometric screenings, a personal health profile, personalized wellness coaching and online wellness workshops.

The company’s advocacy services aim to help employees select appropriate benefits, find the right doctors and hospitals, resolve insurance claims and billing issues, and schedule appointments with specialists. Seventy-three percent of employees enrolled in medical coverage completed both the biometric screening and the personal health profile.