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Location: Herndon, VA
Founded: 1983
Industry: Technology

1,000+ Employees


Mike Corkery
President and CEO

Ed Hutner

Six years ago, Deltek’s health claims showed employees were not caring for themselves as well as they could, and company leaders decided to focus on improving employee wellness. The Deltek well-living committee now plans initiatives that target wellness goals and encourage the well-being of employees and their families.

Fun Fact Deltek hosts an annual Bowl-A-Thon, which encourages employees to participate as part of a team at a local bowling alley.

Deltek’s wellness program includes monthly, company-paid massages and workshops on how to reduce stress. The office receives a daily fruit delivery and features an onsite café and a vending machine with healthy snacks. The wellness program is growing and has had a 12-percent increase in participation in the past year.

Employees can choose from a wide range of fitness activities to participate in, whether it’s boot camp or a walking club. Deltek team members participate in many friendly wellness challenges, from encouraging others to get more than seven hours of sleep per night to cooking a healthy meal.