Ingenicomm, Inc.

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Location: Chantilly, VA
Founded: 2010

Ingenicomm, Inc.

Amit Puri
President and CEO

Ingenicomm, Inc. has developed six major product families. Within each family, Ingenicomm manufactures a number of variants that contain different configurations, interfaces or licensed capabilities.

Words of Wisdom: “Nothing is better than weaving into the corporate fabric core values, such as innovation and passion for the success of the customers’ mission.”

One of those products is the Programmable Telemetry Processor (PTP), a modular system for spacecraft telemetry, and command processing and simulation. With an operational pedigree that includes thousands of successful deployments for both manned and unmanned missions, and a customer footprint that spans every continent, including Antarctica, the PTP has become an industry standard for satellite operations and vehicle integration and testing.

Another Ingenicomm offering, the Rattlesnake, is a highly modular family of signal processing hardware cards, designed to provide consistency between ground-side and flight-side processing elements. Depending on the card configuration, the Rattlesnake can function as a serial data device, a modulator/demodulator, a network device or an on-board processing system.