Michael H. Sharp

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Location: Horsham, PA
Founded: 1993
Specialty: Wealth management

Michael H. Sharp
Founder and Chairman

The Sharp Financial Group

The Sharp Financial Group (TSFG) is a multi-discipline financial services firm providing wealth management, accounting, tax and business consulting services to individuals and businesses. “[Our] full-service approach and capability to partner financial planning with tax, accounting and business advisory expertise separates [us] from the herd,” says founder and chairman Michael H. Sharp, who has led the firm for more than two decades. TSFG has presented its approach at national conferences and regional forums, serving as a mentor for other advisors in the industry.

QUICK TIP: “At The Sharp Financial Group, the focus is on the client — delivering high-quality, specialized services.”

The firm’s philosophy of wealth management is holistic, encompassing every aspect of a client’s financial life. Its investment models are coupled with satellite advanced-planning concepts to deliver diversification, risk management, tax reduction and maximum growth for the client. “Connecting with clients, peers and colleagues at every opportunity to ascertain what is going on in their lives with respect to the global economic environment is paramount to everyone’s success,” Sharp notes. The firm stays in touch with clients through regular meetings as well as themed events throughout the year. The company has also used social media postings on pertinent topics to stay on clients’ minds.