Delaware River Port Authority and Port Authority Transit Corp.

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Location: Camden, NJ
Founded: 1919
Industry: Transportation

350-999 Employees

Delaware River Port Authority and Port Authority Transit Corp.

John T. Hanson
CEO (DRPA) and President (PATCO)

The Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) is a regional transportation agency that serves as steward of four bridges crossing the Delaware River. Through its Port Authority Transit Corp. (PATCO), the DRPA also operates a transit line between New Jersey and Philadelphia.

FUN FACT To keep fit during the colder months, DRPA employees have started a “Walk The Stairs” program. 

DRPA’s wellness program includes daily wellness emails, monthly newsletters and a company-branded “Walking for Wellness” initiative. Every October, the company holds a health fair featuring flu shots, health screenings, nutritional counseling, healthy cooking demonstrations, as well as information on financial wellness and disease awareness.

“A shift in the culture of our employee population has taken place due to our wellness initiatives,” says John T. Hanson, CEO of DRPA and president of PATCO. For example, 24 employees recently completed DRPA and PATCO’s joint smoking cessation program. In 2014, the company conducted a comprehensive wellness survey to ensure its wellness program would continue to serve employees’ changing needs and interests in the future.