Michael Greenhalgh


CareKinesis, Inc.

Location: Moorestown, NJ
Founded: 2009
Industry: Healthcare

Michael Greenhalgh
COO and Chief Pharmacy Officer

Years at company: 5

SETTING THE TONE: With CareKinesis, Inc. since its inception, Michael Greenhalgh has designed the company’s pharmacy operations from the ground up. “Creating and iterating this model required me to be both a problem finder and a problem solver,” he says. His solutions-oriented approach is appreciated by his team. “I am a firm believer in Blanchard’s ‘One-Minute Manager’ approach to handling employees and operational issues: one-minute goal setting, one-minute praising, and one-minute reprimands when necessary,” he says.

QUICK TIP: “There’s a solution to every challenge. You must find a way and just do it!”

JUMPING HURDLES: The biggest challenge in Greenhalgh’s role has been the continuing evolution of the company. “As a founding member, I have had to manage extremely rapid and erratic growth, from servicing zero patients to thousands and thousands of patients nationwide,” he says. Not only does he have to adapt, but his team does as well. “Sometimes, I work side by side with team members to find the most efficient and productive way to maximize workflow,” he says. “Other times, I gather the team and listen to their collective concerns and their suggestions for moving forward. By doing this, I believe our team gets stronger.”

GO-TO RESOURCE: Greenhalgh has known CEO Calvin Knowlton for more than 40 years. By his senior year of high school, Greenhalgh was already charting his future as an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, with aspirations to follow in Knowlton’s footsteps. “Today, being part of his executive team and operationalizing his vision is the most rewarding feeling,” he says.