CoreDial, LLC

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Location: Blue Bell, PA
Founded: 2005
Industry: Technology

CoreDial, LLC

Alan Rihm

CoreDial, LLC offers a cloud-communication service-delivery platform named SwitchConnex, which enables branded, co-branded and private labeled cloud-communication products and services. SwitchConnex manages all the partners’ accounts under one system, where traditionally there would be a number of different, unrelated systems. As a result, CoreDial’s partners have a lower cost of goods sold and, therefore, a higher profit per sale.

Excellence Mantra: “Our hedgehog strategy is: CoreDial is the best in the world at enabling channel partners to successfully sell, deliver, manage and invoice for cloud-communications services, with high profit per partner. We use this mantra to drive our focus on helping our employees and partners succeed.”

CoreDial currently has more than 380 channel partners, and more than 180,000 endpoints currently in production. The company uses the success of its partners as a benchmark to show its ability to positively affect growth. For instance, CoreDial partners enjoy a success rate of over 95 percent and profit margins of up to 65 percent.

The future, from CoreDial’s perspective, includes growing its channel partner base and delivering high-quality, reliable services. Furthermore, the company plans to expand into adjacent products and services.