Kathryn L. Black

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Location: Springfield, PA
Founded: 1960
Industry: Real estate

Kathryn L. Black
VP and Associate Counsel

The McKee Group

Kathryn L. Black has made significant contributions to the growth of The McKee Group as a well-known and well-respected developer of commercial and residential real-estate projects in the Mid-Atlantic. Most recently, Black was involved in the expansion of the company’s self-storage operations through the acquisition of a facility in Maryland and in the negotiation of an agreement of sale with a prominent national home builder for the development of a key property owned by the company and its partners.

Fun Fact: Black’s driving principle, passed on from her grandfather and father, is to search for ways that innovative solutions in real estate can fill gaps in the market.

Black has also actively participated in ensuring the future success and vitality of the company by planning for the succession of ownership to the next generation. Both within and outside the company, Black leads by example, and this is especially true relating to charitable and philanthropic activities. She is involved with and provides financial support to a wide variety of charitable and philanthropic organizations and causes, from the Devon Horse Show to the Delaware County SPCA.

Black is an inspiring leader, as she actively engages with her fellow employees at the company, constantly elicits their views and opinions on operational and strategic decisions, and encourages their independence. She steadfastly supports their creativity and innovation, which she views as the heart of any successful business.