Felicite Moorman, ESQ

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Location: Philadelphia, PA
Founded: 2003
Industry: Technology

Felicite Moorman, Esq.

BuLogics, Inc. & StratIS EMS, LLC

BuLogics, Inc. and StratIS EMS, LLC are triple-bottom-line companies, meaning they keep an accounting of environmental, social and financial impact. CEO Felicite Moorman believes that corporations can be vehicles for more positive impact than they typically are today, and still be profit leaders. “We neglect our local and global responsibilities when we just look at the dollars,” she says. “What keeps us going is the difference we make in the technology industry.”

Fun Fact: Personal and business mentors have helped Moorman maintain perspective and provided her opportunities to give back.

The companies have surpassed competitors by making a conscious decision to reinvest in their technology. Due to this investment, Fortune 500 company Schlage has chosen StratIS Cloud and App to replace its legacy software. Global security leader Vigzul has chosen StratIS as well, making it the support mechanism for one of the largest security companies in the world. BuLogics retains a wireless-device development history in the hundreds and has successfully pivoted to survive not one, but two unprecedented spinouts, Zonoff and StratIS.

Upon accepting the position of CEO of BuLogics, Moorman charted a new course for the company. She led it to the highest revenues and profit margins in its history.