Sean Apgar, CPA

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Location: New York, NY
Founded: 2000
Specialty: Wealth management

Sean Apgar, CPA
Partner and Director of Portfolio and Wealth Advisory

BBR Partners

BBR Partners is a boutique wealth management firm that provides investment advice and financial solutions for wealthy families. Sean Apgar works closely with clients to develop a comprehensive financial strategy that integrates non-investment related matters, such as estate planning, tax planning, insurance planning, family education, philanthropic planning, etc. Given his background as a CPA, Apgar has a deep understanding of sophisticated tax planning strategies and how to incorporate them into investment plans.

QUICK TIP: “There’s an enormous amount of knowledge that lies with longstanding advisors; you want to be certain to take advantage of it.”

Apgar is a highly respected leader within BBR Partners and the wealth management industry. One of his greatest assets is his ability to connect with people. He has been working with the same small group of families for the past 10 years. This small and consistent client base enables him to provide a high level of service and engenders unique and personal relationships with his clients. Due to the highly personal nature of his work, Apgar is able to mediate between generations of a family with differing views, allowing individuals to voice their opinions, but ultimately negotiating solutions that have the entire family’s best interest in mind.