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Location‭: ‬Conshohocken‭, ‬PA
Founded‭: ‬2007

Think Brownstone

Carl White
Co-founder and CEO

Think Brownstone is an experience-design firm primarily focused on the use of digital interfaces‭, ‬including responsive web-based‭ ‬and native mobile applications‭, ‬to tell stories‭. ‬Its services go beyond the average design firm and focus on solving problems in innovative‭, ‬design-minded ways‭. ‬

QUICK TIP‭:‬‭ ‬“Invest in the thoughtful design of the experience of interacting with a product or service‭. ‬That’s the secret sauce‭.‬”

Many design companies take a transactional approach to business‭. ‬Think Brownstone’s approach is long-term and facilitative‭. ‬Instead of completing one project and moving on‭, ‬Think Brownstone works with clients to achieve an end goal through multiple projects‭. ‬Clients work with Think Brownstone to apply design to each element of their business‭. ‬Designers work so closely with clients that those clients are able to see themselves as designers‭, ‬and form strategies with that idea in mind‭. ‬With a mostly local client base‭, ‬Think Brownstone can directly see how its work elevates client products above regional‭, ‬national and global competitors‭. ‬