Advent Design Corporation

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Location‭: ‬Bristol‭, ‬PA
Founded‭: ‬1984

Advent Design corporation also dba TESCO

William L‭. ‬Chesterson‭

Thomas A‭. ‬Lawton‭ ‬

Advent Design Corporation also dba TESCO provides automated manufacturing equipment‭, ‬contract manufacturing‭, ‬and handles its own‭ ‬product line‭. ‬In one notable engagement‭, ‬Advent created a new type of consumer product and helped bring manufacturing of the product back to the U.S‭. ‬from China‭. ‬Advent also designed and built an automated assembly line to handle the parts that came off the injection molding machines‭. ‬This has allowed the customer to respond more quickly to consumer demand and increase market share‭.‬

QUICK TIP‭:‬‭ ‬“You won’t get it right the first time‭.‬”

Though many people think the field of manufacturing is dead in the U.S‭., ‬Advent disagrees‭. ‬The company aims to reinvigorate interest in the manufacturing field‭, ‬and has created a variety of well-paying careers by bringing the production of its product to the U.S‭. ‬Advent has created such local positions as production operators‭, ‬engineers‭, ‬senior maintenance techs‭, ‬electrical techs‭, ‬material handlers‭, ‬QC engineers and product engineers‭. ‬