Martin Bentz
Founder and President

Location: Hanover, MD
Founded: 2001
Industry: IT sales


ClearShark has been through its share of changes. The company started out as both an IT services and an IT sales company, but in 2014, it merged with Critical Resources Group, an IT provider serving the intelligence community. Sales consultants from both companies merged under the ClearShark name. But at the same time, much has stayed the same: The team’s commitment to “doing the right thing at all levels,” for example. In upholding that commitment, ClearShark has profited from its status as a private company, as opposed to one where outside investors force “the wrong thing, just to make a dollar,” says founder and president Martin Bentz.

Quick Tip: “I haven’t seen these courses offered, but there are plenty of folks that need them — ‘Think Before You Talk’ and ‘The Effects of Burning Bridges at the Workplace.”

A 2014 Inc. 5000 company, ClearShark now consists of a team of highly experienced, federally cleared sales professionals who provide their expertise to deliver prime storage, systems, network and security solutions. Going forward, ClearShark faces the challenge of creating processes that will allow it to meet the demand generated by rapid growth.