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Location: Columbia, MD
Founded: 1971
Specialty: Technology

DP Solutions

Simon Tutt
President and CEO

DP Solutions is an IT management firm that offers strategies and techniques to improve the efficiency, security and efficacy of its clients’ technology. DP Solutions’ specialties include cloud business services, managed IT services and IT disaster recovery solutions. For example, two of its major products, DPS WorkSpace and DPS MailSpace, enable rapid, remote access to email and business applications at any time. Continual advancements are being made in the field of IT, and as a company that has been able to keep up with innovations for over 40 years, DP Solutions has the experience and expertise to help clients adapt to new technological demands, including the complex but useful cloud-based systems.

Excellence Mantra“Wow each other and your customers.”

DP Solutions’ leaders emphasize a proactive approach to IT. Rather than fixing new problems, DP Solutions prevents them entirely by identifying potential issues and informing clients before these issues can have any negative impacts. “Problems are anticipated as opposed to reacted to, and end users’ productivity is protected, cultivating a more strategic environment,” says Simon Tutt, president and CEO of DP Solutions. With DP Solutions’ services, clients are able to focus on their true business goals, leading to superior revenue and productivity.