Lisa K. Feulner

Location: Bel Air, MD
Founded: 2003
Industry: Healthcare

Lisa K. Feulner, M.D., Ph.D.

Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics

Advanced Eye Care & Aesthetics, founded by Lisa K. Feulner M.D., Ph.D., is an all-woman eye care practice focused on providing patients with the highest level of comprehensive eye care in a professional, compassionate and caring manner. As a world-renowned surgeon, Dr. Feulner specializes in the detection and treatment of general eye disorders, and incorporates state-of-the-art medical technology and innovative surgical procedures to give her patients the best eye care available.

Fun Fact Dr. Feulner’s father was a leading architect in his lifetime and designed many buildings, including churches, hospitals, universities and private homes.

Though Dr. Feulner has known since sixth grade that she wanted to be an ophthalmologist, her path hasn’t always been clear. After her residency, Dr. Feulner worked for a large, multi-specialty practice, and was seeing more than 80 patients in a single day. Fearing that she wasn’t able to spend enough time with each patient, she soon found a smaller practice, where she was able to know her patients more personally.

But with more than an hour’s commute to work each way, Dr. Feulner was finding it difficult to keep up with her family life as well as her demanding professional schedule. So, in 2003, she founded Advanced Eye Care as an answer to her need to bring her personal and professional life closer together and manage a practice in the way that she has always envisioned.