Susan Lindner

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Susan Lindner
Founder and CEO

Emerging Media

Location: Nyack, NY
Founded: 2005
Industry: Public relations, marketing, branding and social media

EXIT THIS WAY: Emerging Media has helped nearly a dozen venture-backed companies in the last 12 years get acquired by the likes of Xerox, IBM, Best Buy, Nuance, Towers Watson, F5 and others. The firm appeals to the venture capitalist’s need to obtain an exit and the founder’s desire to become more than just a start-up. As a result, VCs recommend the company to their entire portfolio, and start-up founders refer it to their fellow entrepreneurs.

Quick Tip: “Entrepreneurship has been described as jumping off a cliff and building an airplane on the way down. When life throws an obstacle at you, jump!”

THE PRODIGAL CLIENT: In 2010, the firm lost its biggest client, among other setbacks. While the impact was crushing, it allowed founder and CEO Susan Lindner to step back to determine what was most important. The firm rebranded from Lotus Public Relations to Emerging Media to showcase its expanded offerings. Within six months, its biggest client returned. “We thought we had led a charmed life until that point,” Lindner says, “but that adversity and the rebound let us know we could weather whatever the market could throw at us and come back stronger.”

EXTREME PRIORITIZATION: Lindner’s mantra is one of extreme prioritization, both at work and at home. If it’s not on the “important” or “urgent” list, it can wait.

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