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Larry Alton

How to ensure you’re tracking the right metrics as you build your business

The world of digital marketing, SEO and business tracking evolves incredibly quickly. Every week, month or quarter presents an opportunity to look back on something that you’ve been tracking, and determine if it’s worth your time to continue. Constantly looking for ways to improve and adjust to current market demands is the best way to send your business on the road to success.

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Passion for the mission: How Stephen Morgan makes a difference

Through the efforts of Morgan and his team of 800 employees, The Arc Baltimore helps children, families and individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities lead full and enriching lives.

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To leave or not to leave: Battling boredom in a growing company, part 2

How is it that super-successful billionaires like Bill Gates and the late Steve Jobs started companies from scratch and continued to run them, seemingly happily and without boredom, even after they became huge? How did they deal with the added layers of folks sitting at this part of their journey? And how should you?

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Not as hard as you think: Making soft benefits work for your company

Increasingly, employers find themselves facing more intangible expectations from candidates, like job-sharing opportunities, work-from-home arrangements, or onsite daycare. These non-traditional perks, or soft benefits, were largely unheard of when the baby boomers were entering the job market.

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Can Marissa Mayer fix Yahoo by breaking it?

Yahoo has been struggling to regain its former relevance in the internet space for years. Now, CEO Marissa Mayer is making her last stand. On Feb. 2, Mayer announced Yahoo would lay off 15 percent of its employees and close offices around the world to put some cash in the bank and get growing.

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Crashes and crackdowns: Does it still make sense to do business in China?

You’ve heard the news: China’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in 25 years, and the stock market is in turmoil. But what does all this mean for your ability to conduct business there profitably?

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What the spat between Donald Trump and Fox News teaches us about PR

In a blizzard of tweets and sarcasm-dripping press releases, Donald Trump and Fox News have shot to the top of the week’s headlines, perhaps providing a welcome distraction from the lingering effects of Snowzilla.

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State of the Union

State of the Union: Will paid family leave and higher minimum wages really happen this year?

In his last State of the Union address Jan. 12, President Barack Obama touched on a number of agenda items that would affect businesses if they are implemented before his departure. Among them are implementing paid family leave and raising the minimum wage. But what are the chances they will actually happen?

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