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Wexley Strouse

Getting things done: How to implement a culture of follow-through

Too many times, decisions are made to do certain things, but they never get done. We all know of prominent CEOs who have lost their jobs, either by termination or forced resignation, because they didn’t deliver on their promises.

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How Samuel Menaged’s career switch helped change the conversation on eating disorders

When Samuel E. Menaged first learned about the devastating effects of eating disorders, he felt so moved that he upended a career as an attorney that he had spent years building, and jumped headfirst into his new cause.

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Paul Riecks

Control what you can: Growth is great and can be managed

Sometimes success causes more problems than failure. They are good problems to be sure, but getting things under control can be difficult, especially if you have never experienced the situation before.

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The power of literature: CEOs share how books transformed their approach to life and leadership

In the early ‘90s, Jim Ziolkowski was hitchhiking through Apartheid-era South Africa. Along with his brother, Ziolkowski had just launched a nonprofit that was looking to build a school in the country. To pass the time while he waited for rides, Ziolkowski had brought several books along.

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Can Marissa Mayer fix Yahoo by breaking it?

Yahoo has been struggling to regain its former relevance in the internet space for years. Now, CEO Marissa Mayer is making her last stand. On Feb. 2, Mayer announced Yahoo would lay off 15 percent of its employees and close offices around the world to put some cash in the bank and get growing.

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Crashes and crackdowns: Does it still make sense to do business in China?

You’ve heard the news: China’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in 25 years, and the stock market is in turmoil. But what does all this mean for your ability to conduct business there profitably?

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Employee travel and Zika: What’s your liability risk?

The sudden appearance of Zika in Latin America and its possible link to a devastating birth defect have understandably caused panic among many adults of reproductive age. But as a company doing business in Zika-affected areas, what precautions should you take to protect employees?

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What the spat between Donald Trump and Fox News teaches us about PR

In a blizzard of tweets and sarcasm-dripping press releases, Donald Trump and Fox News have shot to the top of the week’s headlines, perhaps providing a welcome distraction from the lingering effects of Snowzilla.

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