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The future is bright for the National Aquarium in Baltimore

The National Aquarium in Baltimore’s renewed focus on conservation connects visitors with real places and real issues. With spectacular new exhibits, sweeping conservation initiatives and a master plan dubbed “Blueprint,” the National Aquarium is focused on inspiring the masses to save the planet.

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How Michael Parrella went from surviving on microwave meals to running a global franchise

After growing up in a hard-scrabble Queens environment, Michael Parrella found tremendous success as an entrepreneur in his 20s. Then, less than 10 years ago, a lack of experience in business lost him everything and brought him to the edge of subsistence. Today, he leads, a global franchise with locations in all 50 states, the United Kingdom, Canada and Peru.

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Facing your franchising fears: Is the franchise model a good fit for your business?

For most CEOs, franchising is a scary word. It comes shrouded in baffling regulations, endless documents and so many other moving parts. But for those who do dive into the world of franchising, there are rewards to be found — so long as they do it right.

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Five Guys

Back to basics: How Five Guys succeeded by focusing on food

With the money the Murrells had saved for their sons’ college education, they instead opened up a modest little Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant in an old commercial strip at Columbia Pike and Glebe Road in south Arlington, VA.

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Can Marissa Mayer fix Yahoo by breaking it?

Yahoo has been struggling to regain its former relevance in the internet space for years. Now, CEO Marissa Mayer is making her last stand. On Feb. 2, Mayer announced Yahoo would lay off 15 percent of its employees and close offices around the world to put some cash in the bank and get growing.

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Crashes and crackdowns: Does it still make sense to do business in China?

You’ve heard the news: China’s economy is growing at its slowest pace in 25 years, and the stock market is in turmoil. But what does all this mean for your ability to conduct business there profitably?

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What the spat between Donald Trump and Fox News teaches us about PR

In a blizzard of tweets and sarcasm-dripping press releases, Donald Trump and Fox News have shot to the top of the week’s headlines, perhaps providing a welcome distraction from the lingering effects of Snowzilla.

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State of the Union

State of the Union: Will paid family leave and higher minimum wages really happen this year?

In his last State of the Union address Jan. 12, President Barack Obama touched on a number of agenda items that would affect businesses if they are implemented before his departure. Among them are implementing paid family leave and raising the minimum wage. But what are the chances they will actually happen?

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